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Foundation 2

Welcome back to Summer 1 term. We will be having lots of fun this term and making our brains grow!

During this exciting term, we will be focusing on our theme ‘Why do Zebras have stripes?’ Children will learn all about wild life animals. We will also have a very exciting trip to Chester Zoo! We will explore many aspects around wild life animals and emerge on a wild life animal hunt, finding animals and talking about the similarities and differences including its features, patterns and habitats. Furthermore, we will explore the world around us and learn about the country Africa and how people travel to Kenya to watch these animals in the Safari Parks.

The children will explore this topic through expressive arts. They will enjoy creating animal masks and prints, camouflage patterned pictures, 2d & 3d animal models and construct their own zoo, using small world animals to encourage imaginative play.

We will also be exploring minibeasts and planting and growing in Literacy. We will use the story ‘Yucky worms’ to investigate minibeasts further, the children will be involved in an experiment outdoors that will bring worms to the surface in order for them to use a range of tools to inspect and create a habitat for the worms to keep safe. They will also pose facts they would like to know about worms and begin researching these. They will then be involved with creating and writing their own fact file.

Another story explored will be ‘What the Ladybird heard on holiday’ which will also be linked with celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. They will receive a letter from the Queen congratulating them on their hard work this term, wishing to invite them to afternoon tea at Buckingham Palace.

The traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ will be used to encourage the children to enjoy planting and growing seeds, bulbs and herbs in our outdoor area. They will also learn about how to care for plants and living things in order to help them grow.

In maths, children will be continuing their learning of number and for the first few weeks we will be focusing on counting on and back using ten’s frames and number lines. The children will then begin to progress onto numbers beyond 10 and practice working with numbers to 20, they will be exposed to lots of practical activities both indoors and outdoors to aid learning. Furthermore, we will investigate shapes using a wide range of shapes to compose an image or picture and use our knowledge of shapes to decompose images and pictures. Moving on from this, we will start to learn about measure including volume and capacity.

Don’t forget to log on to your child’s ‘Bug Club’ page. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic online reading resource plus our lovely texts in school. Children have access to many books which are changed once they have read them. Click on the link below to take you to this page.


The weather is beginning to get warmer, therefore we will be spending more time exploring our topics and learning outdoors. Please make sure your child is well equipped for the weather, on hotter days a cap and sunscreen will be needed. However, at this time of year it changes daily so please provide a warm coat on those cooler and rainy days as we still love to get outside and splash around in the rain.

Our PE days will continue to be EVERY MONDAY so please bring your child to school in their PE kit. We are very lucky this year to have a sports coach teaching our children some fundamental skills to strengthen those muscles and develop their gross motor skills. Children will have many opportunities during each session and of course have lots of fun!

Also, please can you make sure your child has a named water bottle in school. We encourage the children to drink throughout the day and will send them home each day to be washed.

We are so happy to be back in school and hope to have a wonderful Summer term. If you need anything in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact our school office and we will get back to you accordingly.

Lots of love,

Miss Gorman & Ms Ballard x

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Highfield South, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH42 4NE
Tel: 0151 645 3682 | Email: head@stannes.wirral.sch.uk
Facebook: educationrockferry
© St Anne's Catholic Primary School (Wirral). All Rights Reserved.

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