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Welcome to your last week of home learning! 

Here you will find some nice activities to enjoy at home during your last week of home learning.

You have all be amazing during this strange time and I am so proud of you all. 

Any problems please don’t hesitate to email me using our class email 


Have a fabulous summer and I hope to see you very soon




To write a letter/postcard about your time during school closures
Your task for this last week is to write a letter or a postcard to a friend, a member of your family or even to Mrs Ford and I! This letter/postcard is all about your time at home and what you have been up to during school closures. You could talk about your home learning, quality time with family or even special birthdays! I am going to set you a challenge though… can you remember to include our three important rules when we do our writing? I’m sure you can remember them, but I will write them below in case you have forgotten. 
* Capital letters
*Finger spaces 
*Full stops
I wonder how many of you can include some adjectives in your letters/postcards? Remember these are describing words!

P.E- Yoga

Have fun today with Cosmic Kids! 

Summertime Kids Yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIfCALKceOs




P.E- Sports Day

This month would have been our annual sports day but due to school closures we couldn’t do it! 
Why don’t you have your own sports day at home today? Take a look at the activity cards below and see how many you can do. Maybe you could set up a mini assault course in your garden or yard? I’d love to see some pictures.


Take a look at ArtHub for Kids on YouTube!

Once you have finished, instead of colouring your picture in with regular colours, why not use some different materials like newspaper, pastels, card to make it look unique! 




Today is about experiments! 

I have attached a couple of different experiments to try out at home today. The good news is, you don’t need lots of things either! 


Fireworks in a Glass



Exploring music and the seasons

BBC Bitesize: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/z9jjcmn



Wellbeing jar

Today is all about things that we can look forward to! This is a lovely activity that can be done with the whole family. Click the link below to load the sheet up.

Things to look forward to


PE with Joe Wicks

How fantastic has Joe Wicks been during school closures? See if you can have a go at one today!


Why do you think it is important to stay healthy? 


Try and have a go at adding foods to a lunchbox. See if you can add lots of nice yummy, healthy foods! You can either cut and stick them on or draw your own using your colouring pencils. 



You have made it to Friday hip, hip, hooray! 

A big well done for getting this far! As today would have been our final day of term, we would have been spending it talking about our memories of year 1, what we enjoyed the most, our favourite subject, our biggest achievements and friendships we have made. Below, I have put some lovely sheets and activities you can still do at home with your family and discuss this with them instead. 

End of year scrapbook

Spreading my wings from year 1 to year 2

What I loved this year


I hope you all have a fantastic summer! Don’t forget to keep reading and growing those brains ready for September.

You are all amazing! 

Lots of love

Miss Roberts & Mrs Ford 



Just Dance 






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Highfield South, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH42 4NE
Tel: 0151 645 3682 | Email: head@stannes.wirral.sch.uk
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